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On July 19 2017, GreenViet and our Director and Vice-director Mr. Tran Huu Vy and Mrs. Le Thi Trang received commendations from Danang Union of Science and Technology associations.

The recognition from Danang's Union of Science and Technology Associations is an evidence of the achievements made last year by GreenViet as a whole and Mr. Tran Huu Vy and Mrs. Le Thi Trang in particular in the effort to save Vietnam’s biodiversity.

Mr. Tran Huu Vy - GreenViet’s director and Mrs. Le Thi Trang - GreenViet’s vice director were honored to receive commendations given by Danang Union of Science and Technology Associations.

Danang Union of Science and Technology Associations (Danang Union of Associations) is a political and social organization in Danang specializing in the fields of science and technology. Together with other political and social associations, the Union plays an important role in the acceleration of national industrialization and modernization in Vietnam. Danang Union of Associations includes associations which are voluntary members and affiliated centres.

Greenviet was the only one among 16 centers as members of Danang Union of Associations, which had an honor to receive the commendation. In the past year, GreenViet carried out many research programs about biodiversity and educational activities that spread knowledge of biodiversity to thousands of students in Danang.

In regards to scientific research, GreenViet was a partner with the Endangered Primate Rescue Center to implement the “Reintroduction of Ha Tinh langurs in Ke Go Nature Reserve”; investigated the diversity of mammals and rare species of wild chickens in Ba Na-Nui Chua Nature Reserve; signed an agreement with Cham Island Management Board to develop a plan for botanical research in 2017; and in Gia Lai, GreenViet joined in with Frankfurt Zoological Society Vietnam to implement additional investigation into the biodiversity and socioeconomic status of communities in buffer zones as well as promoted communities’ engagement in nature conservation work.

An individual of Ha Tinh doucs, the endangered primate species of VietNam and the world,

was reintroduced at Ke Go Nature Reserve

 At Son Tra, GreenViet has conducted the project “Recovering the biodiversity of Son Tra Nature Reserve” including activities such as: carrying out field trips for observing, taking notes, and collecting information about species of plant, amphibian, and reptile in order to develop efficient data of the reserves and distribution, conservation status of animals and plants in Son Tra. The data serves as basic references for the recovery of biodiversity in certain areas. Additionally, GreenViet also implemented the project “Co-managing Son Tra’s forests” including following activities: interviewing, consulting local people’s opinions, holding workshops that involved relevant parties in obtaining agreements on the co-participation in managing forests, in which the ultimate aim is to successfully sustain Son Tra.

In addition to research and conservation work on the red-shanked douc, GreenViet has also carried out research activities on plants, amphibians, reptiles in Son Tra peninsula

Regarding communication and educational activities, in 2016 there were more than 200 articles and reportages about Son Tra, in which 50 of them discussed GreenViet’s activities. Several communication programs about red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra were carried out involving public participation. For example, the photo exhibition “Life of red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra peninsula” attracted 1,789 visitors; Posters advertising the protection of red-shanked douc langurs were hung at 17 bus stops.

GreenViet held events such as photo exhibitions which the aim was to send a message of protecting Son Tra and red-shanked douc langurs to thousands of students in Danang.

Furthermore, 1000 publications of the Non Nuoc magazine’s May 2016 issue that featured Son Tra's doucs were distributed to Danang readers. Fifteen I love Son Tra Journeys were organized for more than 300 people in Danang to study about biodiversity in Son Tra and observe the red-shanked douc langur. After 4 years of running the program, “I love Son Tra Journey” has made a positive impact to more than 2000 people directly and 9000 people indirectly through social media. 

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