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"Guardians of Son Tra's doucs" will be awarded to individuals and organizations who showcase outstanding efforts in protecting red-shanked douc movement, starting from May 22nd, 2017.

In keeping with GreenViet's aim in continuously reinforcing community's role in the protection of red-shanked douc in Son Tra peninsula, to celebrate World's Biodiversity Day on May 22nd, 2017, GreenViet initiated for the first time an award called "Guardians of Son Tra's doucs" for the most deserving individuals and groups. The community's involvement in the douc conservation in Son Tra contributes to a broader mission of preserving the Central-Central Highlands' biodiversity, and serves as an exemplary model of community-based conservation. 

Since 2013, GreenViet has been collaborating with a network of permanent reporters and TV channels in the Central Highlands in an effort to highlight the biodiversity values of Da Nang through the symbolic image of red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra. The most noticable case was in February, 2016 when Son Tra forest's deforestation brought journalists, television reporters and GreenViet together to shed light on the incident, ultimately prompted Danang and Son Tra's authority to make rapid intervention. According to GreenViet’s figure, there were been 154 articles and dozens of reports on VTV1, VTV8 covering this case from February 25th to August 3rd, 2016. Son Tra forest's violation on March, 2017 made the headlines in nearly 300 articles in less than a month.

 The press reporting on the deforestation that took place in Son Tra on February, 2016

Owing to the efforts of GreenViet along with the press network and Da Nang community, certain successes have been attained when the red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra peninsula was selected as the Danang's symbol for the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) week. On this occasion, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) also threw a biodiversity-themed design competition to find the best red-shanked douc logo.

The award of "Guardian of the Son Tra Douc" honors individuals and organizations whose efforts have been recognized by the community in protecting the population of Red-shanked Doucs in Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang. The award is symbolic, including 01 trophy, 01 certification and a symbolic gift, such as a photo of the red-shanked douc langur in Son Tra peninsula. Honored individuals and organizations might be living and working in Da Nang or other provinces or even foreigners. The selection of individuals and organizations for this award is held openly so that the community can raise opinions and make contribution to the movement that protects the Red-shanked douc in Son Tra Peninsula.

Organizational unit:    Green Viet Nam Biodiversity Conservation Center (GreenViet)

Sponsor unit:              Research Center for Development Communication (RED)

The Award includes:

- Certificate

- “Guardian of the Son Tra Douc” Cup

How it happens

Every year, there will be a board of consultants invited to select the Award’s owner including a representative of GreenViet, 01 representative of Government agencies, 01 representative of Scientists, 01 representative of Journalists and 01 representative of Community Groups.

A set of criteria for the award selection will be built and the consultants can base on that for their vote. The set of criteria can be edited and added annually.

List of consultants 2017:

  1. Representative of scientists: Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Vo Van Minh, the University of Education, Da Nang University;
  2. Representative of Government agencies: Mrs. Le Thi Kim Nhung, Board of External Relations, Da Nang Union of Science & Technology Associations
  3. Representative of GreenViet: Mrs. Le Thi Trang, The Chief Executive Officer of GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre
  4. Representative of reporters: Mr. Tran Anh Duong, Reporter from National e-journal at Da Nang and Central Highlands
  5. And one representative of communities.

Criteria to be entitled “The guardian of the Son Tra Douc” 2017:

Individuals and organizations who are interested in wildlife protection activities; do not trade, hunt or consume illegal wildlife products, do not promote acts that damage nature and the environment; and have had certain features as below:

  1.   Being exemplary, special, and creative in the movement of saving the red-shanked douc in Son Tra peninsula.

       2    Winning recognition from the public through social networking or presses;

       3.   Showcasing long-term efforts to protect the Red-shanked Douc in Son Tra peninsula;


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