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On 22nd May 2017, in the “Announcing new data of the red-shanked douc langur inhabiting Son Tra peninsula” conference, GreenViet stated that there are approximately 1,335 red-shanked doucs populating Son Tra.

Research findings on Population Density 

Research findings

1. Population Density

- Number of individuals per km2 is D = 44.51 individuals/ km2

- Number of groups per km2 is Ds = 7.91 groups/ km2

- Number of individuals per group is Es = 5.62 individuals

2. Geographical distribution

According to GreenViet's record, since the end of 2012, the doucs have been mostly inhabiting in the north of the peninsula.

3. Total area of forest habitat that is suitable for the doucs’ inhabitation is around 3,000 ha (30 km2).

4. Estimated population of the doucs is about 1,335 individuals, approximately 237 groups.

Proposed solutions

Urgent solutions

1. Strengthen surveillance at guard posts of the entrance – exit locations in Son Tra peninsula to monitor and diminish hunting activities.

2. Stop and eliminate development projects which damage important habitats of the douc in the north of Son Tra peninsula. Monitor and inhibit poaching and deforestation activities that destroy the habitat of the douc in sites of construction and development project. 

3. Place warning signs along routes where the doucs cross and monitor traffic at routes populated by a large number of the doucs.

4. Raise tourists’ awareness about appropriate behaviours toward wildlife in Son Tra peninsula (such as: no feeding, no littering, no teasing, and so on).

Long-term solutions

1. Carry out monitoring program on the distribution status and variations of the douc population (every 6 months)

2. Conduct research on genetic diversity to evaluate genetic redundancy caused by in-breeding.

3. Research the capacity of Son Tra peninsula for the douc population.

4. Sternly supervise releases of confiscated monkeys in Son Tra peninsula in order to minimize the spread of diseases.

5. Restore the habitats for the doucs, build more “green bridges” using native trees to faciliate douc's crossin and at the same time provide food for the doucs.

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