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Dr. Ha Thang Long, Chairman of GreenViet, is representing GreenViet at the scientific conference on “Conservation and sustainable development of Son Tra Peninsula’s natural ecosystem” on 15th July 2017.

On Saturday, 15th of July, at the scientific conference on “Conservation and sustainable development of Son Tra Peninsula’s natural ecosystem”, Dr. Ha Thang Long, Chairman of GreenViet, will be presenting “An update on the current status of red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra Peninsula” to the delegates at the conference.

This conference is an opportunity to bring the science community up-to-speed and keep the general public informed of the present status of the biodiversity of Son Tra’s ecosystem based on research results which were conducted by GreenViet and other research & conservation institutes including Southern Institute of Ecology, NhaTrang Institute of Oceanography, National Institute of Medicinal Materials as well as other primatologists. From this scientific overview, it's expected that ideas as well as solutions for the sustainable development in Son Tra Peninsula will be put forward by the Association of Tourism, Institute of Environmental and Natural resource Economics, National Committee of Man and the Biosphere Program, People and Nature Reconciliation, University of Education, the University of Da Nang and some other organizations.

On GreenViet's part, a speech on the current status of the red-shanked douc langur at Son Tra Peninsula will be delivered. Earlier on the 22nd of May, GreenViet had collaborated with Da Nang Union of Science and Technology Associations in publishing GreenViet's latest research results on the current status of the red-shanked douc langur and conservation strategies at Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang. 

Dr. Ha Thang Long will be GreenViet's representative at the conference on July 15th. 

"Not only GreenViet's presentation at the conference will shed light on the present population of red-shanked douc langurs in Son Tra and their threats, but we will also propose feasible solutions to conserve this endangered primate species", Dr. Ha Thang Long spoke about the aim of GreenViet at the conference. 

The red-shanked douc langur is one of the main species which GreenViet puts our focus on to with research studies and conservational education activities. Since 2012, GreenViet has been conducting research projects on red-shanekd douc langur and the biodiversity in Son Tra Peninsula. Starting from November 2013, GreenViet’s “I love Son Tra Journey” program has brought thousands of students to Son Tra peninsula to visit and learn more about this species.

“Through this conference, GreenViet hopes that the community will become more aware of the magnitude of genetics conservation of this species to the development of Son Tra, Da Nang as well as the whole country”, said Dr. Ha Thang Long.

The conference will host about 150 key delegates from Da Nang and Central authorities, institutes and reputable universities, national and international conservation organizations as well as other scientists and intellectuals.

The conference takes place from 8:00 to 17:00 at Parliament Guest house NALOD at 192 Vo Nguyen Giap street, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang. The Southern Institute of Ecology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Da Nang Association of Tourism are the co-organizers of this conference.

The conference will broadcast live on GreenViet’s Facebook page from 8:00 to 17:00 for the community interested in Son Tra to follow. 

A summary of the conference's speeches and proposed solutions can be found here

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