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On December 24th 2016, 200 people from Hoa Khe Ward attended “Environmental Law” Contest and studied about the red-shanked douc langur on Son Tra peninsula.

On Sunday 24th December 2016, GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre cooperated with the Natural Resources and Environment Committee Division of Thanh Khe District and People Committee (PC) of Hoa Khe Ward holding an exhibition “Red-shanked douc langur on Son Tra” at Hoa Khe PC’s head office. The program lasted from 8 am to 12 am and attracted nearly 200 Hoa Khe Ward people, belonging to many associations and groups such as Association of Farmers, Association of Women, Fatherland Front, etc. Additionally, there were students and teachers from Huynh Thuc Khang Secondary School.

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Nga –Vice-president of Hoa Khe Ward giving starting speech

Greenviet held a contest about red-shanked douc langur and the biodiversity on Son Tra peninsula. There were a photo exhibition with 30 pictures of Son Tra displayed throughout the contest.

Young people intrigued by the beauty of the douc and Son Tra biodiversity

Particularly, “Ringing the douc’s tail” was the most exciting activity with lots of interesting questions about the precious primate species.

“Ringing the douc’s tail” engaged older people attending the event in playing a game about red-shanked douc

Ha Vy, a participant from the ward’s Youth Group was awarded a douc stuff because of her correct answer about “Threats to the red-shanked douc on Son Tra peninsula”.

In response to celebrating a 20-year anniversary of Thanh Khe District, Hoa Khe PC held “Environmental Law” contest and received a lot of positive feedback from the community at Hoa Khe Ward. Participants were officers and members of associations and groups of the ward. There were interesting and funny activities happening such as: greeting speeches, presentations about environmental issues, and especially the contest about environment laws and regulations.

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