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Greenviet helped me become more confident in myself, as well as inspired me to love nature more. The ogranization has affected to deepen my view of conservation work. I was inspired by GreenViet members’ enthusiasm. I am looking forward having new da




The first time I worked with Greenviet was in the East Sea Park Clean-up programme. I experienced an indescribable feeling when meeting Le Thi Trang for the first time. I had to say that she is an awesome person, everything she said was very meaningful and inspiring to me. I am very impressed and admire her a lot. I am studying Environment & Resource Management so I really wanted to join such meaningful activity. And after that, there is a word “GreenViet” stucked in my mind.

Since then, I started to follow Greenviet on social media, such as Hành trình TÔI YÊU SƠN TRÀ, Clean for Son Tra, or Trang Thông tin hoạt động đa dạng sinh học ở Đà Nẵng and so on. I started to be interested in the conservation work that Greenviet is doing every day.

After a pretty long time, I was finally accepted to be a supportive volunteer in “HAVING FUN WITH WILD ANIMALS” programme. At first, I was pretty shy because I couldn’t do anything that other former volunteers did in that week event. They were the ones I really should learn more from. Just a week after that, I felt much more confident, I could enjoy playing with the lovely kids at the library. And I also had a chance to run the programme, I learnt a lot from that experience. I considered that a chance but also a challenge for me.

Greenviet gave me not only productively working experience, but also connected me with many new friends, those who shared the same conservation passion and we exchanged many valuable working experiences. One of that was the Offline party  in the end of every month. Each of us really should join that party once because it is very worthy. I am forever thankful for Greenviet “family”. I hope the family can reach to everywhere, inspire as many  people  and the youth of the country as possible.

Translator: Nguyễn Lưu Ngọc Hân/GreenViet's Volunteer

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