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I have done many trips with my friends and every trip has brought unforgetable and wonderful memories in me during the student life.


Student of the Faculty of Biology - Environment of Danang University of Education


Danang, 17th July, 2016

I was very impressed with the trip to explore Son Tra peninsula, Danang through the program “I love SonTra” held by GreenViet. It was a really interesting, useful, and unforgetable journey for each participant.

At 15.30, I and other participants already gathered at GreenViet’s office and were ready to join the trip. Everybody looked eager and happy. Before that, we were introduced about SonTra’s biodiversity and the red-shanked douc langur whom we were going to observe in the wild through a presentation taken by Ms. Trang and Ly. We were also noticed about necessary things and regulations during the trip.

16.00 - the car started rolling to drive us to SonTra Nature Reserve where we can possibly observe the red-shanked douc langur. We arrived after 20 minutes drive. The car trip made  some people look a bit tired but it did not discourage their eagerness. At the beginning, we visited Vong Canh House - the first stop. Being guided by Ms. Trang, we were able to see Pearl Island, Radar Station and Hai Van pass. In front of the Vong Canh House, there is a Monkey statue which is the symbol of Son Tra Mountain. From Vong Canh House, with a camera would not miss the chance to take pictures of the imposing Hai Van Pass which is known as “The most marvellous wonder”. Or you can have a look to Pearl Island which is located in the direction of Lang Co, Hue. The car continued rolling to the second stop, that was Helicopter Airport - the airport built by Americans during the war time. From this area, we were able to take a wide sight to the whole Danang city and all of us were impressed because of the beauty of the city. Everyone took at least one picture as a souvenir. Ms. Trang even introduced us the Love Guava Tree nearby where is considered as a dating place for couples. What impressed me the most was a very interesting and meaningful sign which was written “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures”. The car continued. Participants were not longer tired because of funny stories told by Ms. Ly. Then the car stopped somewhere near the road and we started walking to collect trash. Meanwhile, Ms. Trang was being a bit far ahead to locate the red-shanked douc langur. After all, what we were waiting for finally came. Wonderful, exciting, suprising were my feeling at that time when seeing the doucs. I also saw faces radiant with smiles from the other participants. Many uttered: “The doucs are so beautiful!”. The sight of the landscape in front of my eyes was pristine and immense. Witnessing the doucs’ jumps and calling inspired us to love more and be proud of Son Tra. After few hours we had to say goodbye to that wonderful place. On the way back, we discussed about the doucs and laughed a lot. 6pm, we were back to GreenViet’s office. The trip ended and left me the nostalgic feeling. In addition, I have known more interesting and helpful things as well as had unforgetable memories.

Hope to be back again! The “wonderful” feeling of the trip has been stucked in my mind. And now, many thanks to GreenViet for letting me to be an assistant for the trip “I LOVE SONTRA”. The wonderful feeling has been following my foot steps in every Sunday afternoon. Once again, I would like to say thank you to GreenViet.

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