2016-09-16 04:27:45 | Admin

Knowing GreenViet through a friend, I started to take part in and love whatever here…


Student of Trade Faculty - Danang University of Economics

Recalling when I first did a voluntary work for GreenViet - that was introducing primary school students about Son Tra peninsula and animals - I had a feeling that GreenViet staff and volunteers are very enthusiatic while being known them. After attending more activities, I know more that people here are very united and humorous.

What I have received from being a volunteer of GreenViet are extending my network; meeting nice people; gaining more knowledge about environment, animals and nature; and experiencing free tour to Son Tra peninsula. In addition, I was joined GreenViet’s family, supported, and even received a volunteer certification. GreenViet - this is really a wonderful organization for students and those who loves nature.

If you are intending to do something meaningful, dont hesitate to join us - GreenViet’s home - to experience as I and other volunteers have experienced.

It has been one of the happiest thing that helps me to overcome difficulties and tiredness.


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