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This summer was the first summer that I stayed in Danang. Together with my friends, I volunteered for the program “Exploring Wildlife – Summer 2015” held by GreenViet and the Danang Green Tree Park Company.


Student of Biology Pedagogy, Danang University of Education

This summer was the first summer I stayed in Danang instead of being back to my hometown. I am going to be the 3rd year student after this summer, sounds a bit older, is not it? During the summer time, together with my friends, I volunteered for the program “Exploring Wildlife – Summer 2015” held by GreenViet and the Danang Green Tree Park Company. The program was conducted in weedkends of the summer at the zoo in the 29/3 Park. Through this program, children can play many games which are useful for skills and thinking training.

In every Sunday afternoon, I eagerly biked from the University of Education to the park in order to join the voluntary work in which I together with other volunteers prepared things for children to play. At the first time, I was so confused and worried because I had never been an organizer before. However, when I started working, worries disappeared. The first activity I was in charge of was to guide children coloring animal masks. I was so happy seeing the children smile. I helped cutting the masks and then wear them to the children. In return, I received thankful words and eager faces from my children. How nice they were! On that day, time passed quickly, the sun went down and we cleaned up and went home. The voluntary work continued, my friends and I participated in many other activities: A day in the forrest, a wonderful forrest… Each of game carries a message which is meant to inspire children to love animals and to understand more about the animals’ importance.

The summer is going to end soon. Today was the last time of the program and the weather was not so good. However, the voluntary team still came early for preparation. Before the children came, we played the game “Identifying wild animals”. Although we are adults already, we were still interested in this game. The rain came suddenly during the game, so we pulled the canvas for hiding the rain and the feeling of playing with rain was so nice.

The voluntary summer ended. I miss every moment when playing with children or experiencing many interesting activities with GreenViet’s staff. I will join the voluntary work again someday. Hope that GreenViet will conduct more effective activities for children in order to raise their knowledge.

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