2016-08-25 07:11:02 | Admin

In spite of knowing GreenViet long time ago but only until now I have had an opportunity to join GreenViet’s volunteer community with the program “Discovering wildlife – Summer 2015”


Student of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Danang University of Education

Through this program, I have not only gained knowledge of biodiversity conservation but also had chances to meet and make friends with many people. I spent time with children including playing, coloring, etc.

Being closely to such people, I had a feeling of being cared and coziness from a family, it is likely the most wonderful comfort to ease my difficulties and stress. By doing voluntary work, I have had new experiences, new feelings about life, and about human beings. I have realized that the meaning of life comes from living not only for myself but also for other people, and the happiness is to give than to receive.ure.

Through contributing my little help to voluntary activities and bringing happiness to other people, I feel that my life is more meaningful, and I am myself more helpful, mature. My youth has been passed without any second of regret, because I have lived my best, worked hard but also played hard. These are also nice memories accumulated during my student life.

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