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When I join in this family, I always get the attention and enthusiastically support from brothers and sisters. Those who have devoted for conservation and education.


Danang University of Education

They spent the warm feelings for me. That is the greatest happiness help me forget the hard times.

I have participated in many programs as program seminar "The threat from the use of wildlife products”, program in schools about “Biodiversity and red- shanked douc langurs in Son Tra” in December 2014, the program "Discover the wildlife – Summer 2015", Christmas program for children in 2015. Currently, I am coordinating the program "Discover the wildlife - Summer 2016". This program is really meaningful and useful. It is not only gives the children the knowledge, the love wild animals, but also help them have a healthy environment to play in the summer holidays. Here, the children are participated in many exciting activities such as do animal shape fan, paint masks, animal 3D, game identification about animal. The first day, my mood extremely worried, because I've never been responsible role as coordinator of the program, but when I started to work, all worries seemed to disappear. I thank the enthusiastic support of the volunteers. And when I saw the children painted the animal mask, played animal identification game, my heart felt happy. I saw the children smile and innocently talk is the greatest joy for me and received the thanks of them. I looked cheerful face when they finish their products. So lovely!!!

Discover the wildlife - Summer 2016 programe in 29/3 park

After each time volunteer, I get useful experience, the lessons about the environment, animals and the natural world, valuable experience of life skills, work skills. I feel life is more fun and more perfect when I think that "Life is shared". When I participate in big family, I contributed a little effort into volunteer activities. It’s helping me become an useful person for society and more nature. That was the most memorable memories of my student days.

I work together with brothers, sisters and the volunteers in Greenviet. They are enthusiastic, sociable, friendly. They helped me have more confidence, motivation for the conservation nature and biodiversity. Especially, the red- shanked douc langurs in Son Tra Peninsula conservation. They need help from everyone.

And do you have the same thinking with me? I hope that red- shanked douc langur is a symbol of Da Nang city. This is great and meaningful


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