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The program is conducted every year in Christmas holiday for the Son Tra Little Green Guards in Da Nang City.

Christmas holiday with Santa Clause and interesting gifts and Christmas tree are always the best time for the kids. This interesting holiday also came when the kids finished their studying time preparing for the longest holiday in the year – Tet holiday. With the image of the Red-shanked douc in Son Tra, to celebrate Christmas with the theme “Peace on earth and Goodwill toward all creatures”, GreenViet want to take this opportunity to fulfill the love of the little green Guards for Son Tra wildlife and the Son Tra doucs – the queen of primates.

Fig 1: The Red-shanked douc’s image in program’s backdrop


This year, GreenViet conducted the Christmas program for the kids in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra District on December 27 with the two main activities including Observation Son Tra doucs and Christmas party with Santa Clause. More than 70 kids from schools and community group 2D, 2H and 2K of Tho Quang ward have gathered in Community House to enjoy the program. In which, 45 kids over 8 years old have joined the observation journey in Son Tra Nature Reserve. Came back to Son Tra after one year, most of the kids were so exciting. Their parents also shared that “They have been bustling for the whole week only for this program”.


Fig 2: Ready to go!


Fig 3: Come back for Son Tra!


Fig 4: Close your eyes and listen to the forest’s call!


Fig 5: Waiting in line to see the Red-shanked douc


Fig 6: Monkey dance!


Fig 7: Santa Clause with his gifts


GreenViet has been strongly supported to achieve such that success from friends, parents and especially the volunteer network to prepare for the program. Moreover, Tho Quang ward has encouraged GreenViet to organize to event at the Community House that has just been built.


Fig 8: Volunteers prepared gifts and decoration for the event

Another meaningful program has been conducted to ending a hard-working year 2015 and welcome 2016. With this strongly support from the local community, GreenViet believes that these efforts to save Son Tra biodiversity will soon achieve the success.

Fig 9: Goodbye 2015 with many efforts!

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